is an exclusive V.I.P Trading desk where you can sell or buy Bitcoins securely and also a premier source of knowledge on everything Blockchain and Bitcoin related for our esteemed clients. is an organization aimed making your Bitcoin sales or purchases easy and secure. Also, we aim at providing proper knowledge and understanding of Bitcoin and the Blockchain ecosystem. We also help educate our customers on how to store and manage the digital assets without relying on Third Party exchanges or agents.

With 6 years experience in Bitcoin and Blockchain Ecosystem, We discovered a lot of people have developed cold feet or has been defrauded by phony exchange sites or agents due to lack of proper understanding of this safe and rewarding digital assets.

We offer exclusive personal face-to-face tutoring and brokerage in terms of buying and selling of these Assets to ensure proper assimilation, accountability and to build trust with each and every Client.

509 Clients

In less than one year of service, We have developed a Client base of almost 300 individuals across Continents who are now able to fully control and monitor their assets with ease and peace.

Easy & Secure

Face-to-Face interaction with Consultants during the learning process or brokerage ensures legitimacy and security as Clients can fully identify who and what they are dealing with. Also clients privacy is priority, as their information and identity is never disclosed no matter what.

Safest Buy and Sell

Unlike exchange sites, all buying and selling of assets occurs Face-to-Face until deal is fully completed and secured, Clients are also advised to store assets on most secure Offline or Online Cold wallets fully controlled by them and no account is opened with the Company.

24/7 Online Help

Clients who have purchased or sold through us are accessible to 24/7 assistance whenever needed and can also schedule a physical meeting at any time possible.

Here’s What a few customers have to say


Mark Brighton

“Thanks to you Guys, I have been able to learn a lot and gain the courage to purchase my first Bitcoin. Cheers”

Ayo Adewale

”This is by far the most secure and easy way of trading. They even provide a brand new cold wallet on request. Kudos guys.”

Ahmed Al Hassan

” Very good, very safe and good learning. Also gave good tips on how to secure asset. Thanks Sallam”



Exclusive Services we offer:

  • Instant Sales and Purchases of Bitcoins
  • Face-to-Face Deals only
  • Worldwide dealings
  • Professional Advice
  • Understanding of Cold Wallet storage



6 Years of Experience


Personal Interaction


24/7 Client Support

Exclusive VIP services

The safest and secure way of investing is knowing who you are dealing with one on one and how to manage your investments yourself and that’s our priority.

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